Wokiopathy: The Sociopathy of the Anti-Racist Grift

After the recent revelations that John Sullivan was paid over $70k for the footage of the shooting of Ashley Babbitt that he instigated, one might not expect to hear much from John Sullivan about January 6th. His ability to post on social media was initially revoked by a judge as a condition of his release. However, upon a hearing for an infraction of his initial internet limitations that were conditions of his initial release, Sullivan was rewarded by a second judge with unlimited internet activity outside of conditions to refrain from posting with his Insurgence USA social media identities and abeyance of his predilection to incite riots.

He appears to have committed a new crime: libel of a journalist who was not even present at the Capitol on January 6th. Andy Ngo and several other journalists and videographers rejected the libel by instigator Sullivan.

However, Sullivan has retracted neither his libelous tweets nor his website article as of the morning of March 1st. I archived both in the event he wishes to try to cover up this crime like he covered up his crimes in the very article he prints libel against Andy Ngo.

I can only describe the sociopathy needed to print such insane statements below as a form of "wokiopathy": an obsession with one's intersectional self-righteousness that manipulates every fact, fiction, and interaction of life and history into an opportunity to impose a retroactively continuous autobiography alternating between the hagiographical epochs of personal martyrdom and heroism, Napoleonic courage and the longsuffering of Job. Here are a few of Sullivan's sociopathic claims in Sullivan's recent article libeling Andy Ngo:

"It was scenes like these that made me fear for my life as I marched to the front of the massive crowd of Insurgents to document the insurrection unfolding. Even putting myself in the line of fire as a 35-Year-old woman who was an Air Force veteran named Ashly Babbitt was shot and killed in front of my eyes as I filmed her climbing through a broken window, dropping dead onto the ground in front of me."

"I risked my life to capture the story that CNN, ABC NBC, and Fox News couldn't even come close to telling. Recording 50 min of continuous video that led up to her death. The only goal that I had in mind that day was to provide the public with complete transparency and accuracy of the events that transpired."

"Unfortunately, only to be met with stark controversy from the general public and the media claiming me to be Antifa or Agent Provocateur. They claimed that I had no press credentials from any accredited news agency, invalidating my work as an independent journalist and small business owner. As the only black Journalist there that day who was brave enough to face a crowd of racist rebels flying their confederate flags neo-nazi symbols."

"I faced the situation even providing my footage to the FBI. They have arrested 20 or more individuals and even used my footage in the impeachment trial for former president Donald Trump. Suppose you are a black journalist and have the best footage. In that case, they immediately deem you a public threat and an Antifa Militant who participated in the violence. A white journalist from the New Yorker entered through a broken window at the US Capitol and praised his ability to capture the Capitols uprising.

Has the American mindset changed at all?"

John Sullivan committed multiple crimes, discussion of which he condemns as a priori racism as he invokes his intersectional identity to silence all objections to his behavior. He smashed a window in his riotous excitement, called for the people around him to burn the Capitol, claimed to bring a knife to the rioters so that he could get to the front of a crowd, persuaded officers with thinly veiled threats of mob violence if they refused to leave their posts in front of that crowd, and goaded on the destruction of that door as Ashli screamed "No! No! No! Stop!" towards the rioters and the gunman. Refer to my article here for the self-incriminating footage of all of those crimes. Sullivan was not content with his crimes that day and has decided to pursue libel against Andy Ngo.

Wokiopathy is the best term I can coin to describe the sociopathy behind these flagrant ideological justifications of the crimes that contributed to the fatal shooting of a 14-year, 8 tour USAF veteran and the justifications of the current defamation and libel propagated by John Sullivan.

"Surely, when all is said, the ultimate objection to the English public school is its utterly blatant and indecent disregard of the duty of telling the truth... When a man really tells the truth, the first truth he tells is that he himself is a liar... The public-school man is kind, courageous, polite, clean, companionable; but, in the most awful sense of the words, the truth is not in him."

- G. K. Chesterton, "The School for Hypocrites" in What's Wrong With the World, 1910

"Our age which has boasted of realism will fail chiefly through lack of reality. Never, I fancy, has there been so grave and startling a divorce between the real way a thing is done and the look of it when it is done. I take the nearest and most topical instance to hand a newspaper. Nothing looks more neat and regular than a newspaper, with its parallel columns, its mechanical printing, its detailed facts and figures, its responsible, polysyllabic leading articles. Nothing, as a matter of fact, goes every night through more agonies of adventure, more hairbreadth escapes, desperate expedients, crucial councils, random compromises, or barely averted catastrophes. Seen from the outside, it seems to come round as automatically as the clock and as silently as the dawn. Seen from the inside, it gives all its organisers a gasp of relief every morning to see that it has come out at all; that it has come out without the leading article upside down or the Pope congratulated on discovering the North Pole...

That is a little tale of journalism as it is; if you call it egotistic and ask what is the use of it I think I could tell you. You might remember it when next some ordinary young workman is going to be hanged by the neck on circumstantial evidence."

- G. K. Chesterton, "The School for Hypocrites" in What's Wrong With the World, 1910

"Men in England are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by brutes who refuse them bread, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern, and therefore wish to enslave."

- G. K. Chesterton, "The Real Journalist" in A Miscellany of Men, 1912

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