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The Maxwell Connection

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

After finding out Ghislaine's Twitter account, I started digging, and these are the connections that have been made.

Her Twitter: @gmaxgmax1

I pulled her profile picture from her Twitter and did a reverse image search on Tineye to see where else it had been used. The first two instances were Wikipedia, but the next was a blog. So I clicked!

It's a blog entry she wrote for High50 UK about her project TerraMar, which she launched in 2011. She mentions speaking at the UN three times, giving a TED Talk, and going on CNN/Bloomberg.

The Ted Talk link on the archived site was broken, and then the link to YouTube was also broken, but I managed to find a workaround and found an archived version that would play. Here's the first couple of minutes of her awkward Ted Talk.

"The goals of the TerraMar Project are to create a global ocean community based around our shared ownership; to drive awareness, connecting and educating people on all related matters; and to help draw up an ocean-specific Sustainable Development Goal at the United Nations."

The site also had a daily newsletter--The Daily Catch.

Speaking at the UN.

A mention of the pope on climate change and tracking animals.

And another video with the pope, global shipping routes, and China building a massive canal.

More on global shipping routes.

All the YouTube videos:


Her feature in Bloomberg.

May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Terramar Project Founder Ghislaine Maxwell discusses the organizations attempt to raise awareness about the oceans with Pimm Fox reports on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock."

I was intrigued by her mention of stakeholders with the UN Sustainable Development Goals so I went to the TerraMar website.

The link to her defunct project TerraMar is right there in her Twitter bio, but the link doesn't go anywhere.

But a little help from the Wayback Machine got me right to it. Link.

There's a big list of founding citizens at the bottom which I intend to dig into more, but guess who I found? A Soros.

Not just any Soros, but Jonathan Soros who founded Friends of Democracy. The group that was caught back in 2018 with detailed instructions for riots in Baltimore.

Another Soros connection: David Wassong

David de Rothschild

Nate Berkus

Robert Kotick

I looked TerraMar up on Guidestar and they didn't even hide it there.

Population served: Children and youth.

The TerraMar Passport.

TerraMar officers in 2017:

Ghislaine was borrowing money from TerraMar, and finished 2017 -$550,546 in the hole.

They'd only ever raised abour 200k over five years and Ghislaine borrowed 550k against it. Whew.

Ghislaine donated money to Andrew Cuomo's campaign in 2002. It's not a lot of money, but it's noteworthy. She did attend his wedding when he married Kerry Kennedy after all.


Link: https://archive.vanityfair.com/article/1992/3/the-sinking-of-captain-bob

That's where I'm going to leave this thread for now but, damn.


-Shipping Routes

-Green Infrastructure w/ Punitive Measures

-United Nations/SDGs




-Jonathan Soros

All connected in a neat little package for you.


Talk Soon,


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