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The Epstein Connection

If you haven't already read my post The Maxwell Connection I recommend you do so, as I uncovered some very interesting connections between Ghislaine and the United Nation's SDG's, global shipping routes, canal plans, China, the Rothschilds, the Soros family, and a lot more. This is going to build on the knowledge from that post. :)

I have discovered something about Jeffrey Epstein that I have literally seen nowhere else, so this is an L exclusive as far as I know. Get excited.

In 2012, Jeffrey Epstein became directly involved in the goings-on in Haiti by partially funding the construction of the largest grade school in Haiti, called Ecole du Bel-Air, located in Port-au-Prince. According to the single article I could find not scrubbed from the internet, it was funded by, "The Edeyo Foundation and the support of The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, among others."

By not scrubbed, by the way, I mean not removed from Archive.org. Had I not been able to find it there, this trail of breadcrumbs would have been damn near impossible to follow.

So how did I find it? I'll walk you through.

First, I was looking through old tweets about Epstein. To avoid a bunch of filler and to hopefully find connections to people or organizations that are well-known, I searched for tweets containing, "The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation."

You'll find all sorts of old tweets with very little interaction, such as:


But the one that stood out to me the most was this one:


At the same time as this?

Quick Backstory:

After a massive earthquake killed nearly 350,000 people on January 12, 2010, then-president Barack Obama named former president Bill Clinton as the head of the relief efforts. It came out later in 2016 that Hillary's State Department gave special attention and preference to "Friends of Bill."

"Need you to flag when people are friends of WJC [William Jefferson Clinton]... Most I can probably ID but not all," wrote senior State Department official Caitlin Klevorick in an email.

“Is this a FOB!” Klevorick writes later, when a Clinton Foundation aide forwards a woman’s offer of medical supplies. “If not, she should go to cidi.org,” she adds, directing the person deemed not to be a Clinton friend to a general government website. Source.

The Clintons insisted repeatedly the State Department never gave favorable treatment to foundation supporters in Haiti or otherwise.

“Nothing was ever done for anybody because they were contributors to the foundation,” Bill Clinton told CBS News’ Charlie Rose. “Nothing.”

Spoiler Alert: That's a massive lie. You can get the full details here.

That's not the only scandal that has gone down in Haiti with the Clintons. On January 30, 2010, just a little over two weeks after the devastating earthquake hit, 10 U.S. citizens were arrested after they were caught trying to take 33 children out of the country in a suspected illicit adoption scheme.

They were detained at Malpasse, Haiti’s main border crossing with the Dominican Republic, after Haitian police conducted a routine search of their vehicle. They had no documents to prove they cleared the adoption of the 33 children — aged 2 months to 12 years — through any embassy. And they had no papers showing they were made orphans by the quake.

Laura Silsby (now Laura Silsby-Gayler) claimed, "We had permission from the Dominican Republic government to bring the children to an orphanage that we have there. I was going to come back here to do the paperwork. They accuse us of children trafficking. This is something I would never do. We were not trying to do something wrong.”

It would come out later that not all of the children were orphans at all and that Laura had deceived their parents into thinking it was a temporary measure to assist during earthquake recovery.

Despite what the mainstream media might say, “Pizzagate” did not begin with the Wikileaks Podesta Files. It actually began with the discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton assisted Laura Silsby, which resulted in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

An even more insane part of the story: in mid February 2010, it was discovered that the attorney for the Idaho missionaries, Jorge Puello, a.k.a. "Jorge Torres Orellana/Jorge Anibal Torres Puello," was a con man with warrants in several countries.

Puello is accused of luring young women in Central America and the Caribbean with promises of making them models, then forcing them into a life of prostitution. In the U.S., he faces charges of bank fraud and theft of government property. He is also believed to have jumped bail after an arrest in Miami in 1999 for possession of fake documents.

At any rate, he didn't last long and went MIA. Therefore, Hillary intervened.

The New Life Children's Refuge (Silsby is former director of) has been in contact with Hillary since at least 2001 as discovered in the Wikileaks archive. Court records also show she has repeatedly been sued for unpaid wages and bad debts — and had at least nine driving violations since 1997 as of 2010.

Laura's claims of planning to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic also fell apart after a State Department diplomatic cable revealed authorities in the country said she never submitted an application. Silsby had also previously attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Haitian police intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. She was turned back at the Haitian border. For a brief period, Haitian authorities were considering adding a new kidnapping charge based on this evidence.

The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby. 

Prosecutors ultimately got a six-month sentence in Silsby’s case, reducing charges for conspiracy and child abduction to mere “arranging irregular travel.”

On February 9th, 2010 Hillary Clinton consulted with Counselor Cheryl Mills and other attorneys in an email discussing the U.S. Government’s “options” regarding the arrested Americans. The heavily redacted memo attached to that email does not reveal what these “options” consisted of. However, the State Department’s American Citizens Services is only authorized to offer lists of local, English speaking attorneys to Americans arrested or detained abroad. To go beyond that authorization is a severe violation of protocol and is illegal. 

Additional emails reveal that the State Department was involved with making statements on the Silsby scandal and preparing to assist Silsby’s co-conspirators with their return to the United States, although this is consistent with State Department protocol in these situations.

On February 11th, the New York Times reported that Jorge Puello was suspected of leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and minors. According the the Harvard Human Rights Journal, Puello was ultimately arrested in an investigation being lead by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in connection with the ring. He was wanted in the United States, El Salvador, and Costa Rica for his involvement with a network trafficking Central Americans and Haitians.


At the time of his arrest, his wife was already imprisoned in El Salvador and “faced charges of presumed sexual exploitation of minors and women.” Puello was ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison for “alien smuggling.” Another surprisingly light sentence given the original charges he was sought for. It it not known at this time whether or not Laura Silsby was associated with Puello’s criminal enterprise.

On November 3rd, 2016, this author made a post to Reddit containing preliminary research and information on the above story. The post was made to the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald due to the forum’s reputation as the only outlet on Reddit where news was not being censored during the U.S. Presidential Election. The same day, Wikileaks tweeted a link to the Reddit post labeling it as a “significant, if partisan, find.”

A link to an extensive study of the case by the Harvard Human Rights Journal which clearly linked Bill Clinton to the scandal was totally ignored. They similarly failed to acknowledge or address emails published by Wikileaks between Hillary Clinton and her legal counsel which may potentially indicate that she violated State Department policy for the treatment of U.S. citizens arrested or detained abroad.

Since her release from detention in Haiti, Laura Silsby has returned to Idaho. In 2015, she married and took the last name Gayler. Silsby is currently employed by software company AlertSense as their Vice President of Marketing. AlertSense works with the Federal Government on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). One of IPAWS functions is to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.

Laura Gayler

VP of Marketing

Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization.

One of the first things the Clintons did when they took over the scene in Haiti was to have Bill get Laura off the hook.

Here's an email where Silsby is discussion the cost of transporting the children. In 2001.

And that just about sums up the Clinton Haiti disaster with Silsby. Potentially a decade or more of trafficking children and favors for those who were caught. There's also the $2 Billion that went missing from over $6 Billion in relief funds that passed through the Clinton Foundation, but I digress.

The United Nations haven't exactly been perfect angels there either.

So where does Epstein come in?

The tweet one more time:

The link was dead, but I managed to find a single working link in the web archive.

Now if you look up the Edeyo foundation, they have been really careful about scrubbing all evidence of Epstein's involvement with them from the internet. If you can find anything, I'd be amazed. However, again, the web archives tell a slightly different story.

Since that old tweet was written in June of 2012, I went to archive.org and looked up old versions of JeffreyEpstein.org that were posted any time after then.

The best home page I could find was from March 19, 2014.

Nothing there about Haiti, so I kept looking. Here's the "About" page.

On his Jeffrey Epstein education site there's an interesting little blurb about Michael Bloomberg and George Soros financing four charter schools in New York City together.

And then I found it. Down the page, The Edeyo Foundation is listed.

The Edeyo Foundation

Founder Unik Ernest built a reputation as a premier event producer in New York, London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and St. Tropez. Brands such as diverse as Nike, Diesel, La Perla, Valentino, Volkswagen, Virgin Mobile, Microsoft, Def Jam, Lufthansa Airlines, and Interscope Records have turned to Unik to produce the world’s most exclusive parties and special promotions.

"He raised $15,000 for Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti Foundation."

From Grunge.com:

"Wyclef Jean has been a great many things, and according to The Independent, he added "philanthropist" to his list of titles by founding a Haiti-based charity called Yéle in 2004. The organization was thrust in the spotlight after January 2010 when an earthquake virtually demolished the country, killing 300,000 people and leaving 1.5 million homeless. Yéle received donations to the tune of $16 million, and suddenly, things got very strange. The charity reportedly spent a hefty $9 million in overhead like "travel, staff salaries, consultant fees, and expenses related to its property portfolio" instead of, you know, helping the poor. Strangely, they also spent a total of $412,000 on renting and "landscaping" an office space ... at a Manhattan studio complex owned by Jean."
By 2012, the money was all gone, and Jean and other board members of Yéle faced a team of auditors in a criminal probe over its use. As The New York Times tells us, Jean was quite bitter about the incident, and he claimed in his memoir that the probe was a "crucifixion." And while he points out that he's wealthy enough that he wouldn't exactly need to exploit charity funds, it must be noted that the probe did find a bunch of shady financial stuff in Yéle, and the charity went "effectively bankrupt" in 2012. As a Haitian orphanage manager put it, "If I had depended on Yéle, these kids would all be dead by now." 

Also noteworthy: Around that same time, Naomi Campbell (who has been named several times in the Maxwell files) participated in an Edeyo fundraising event.

They have yacht parties.

They embrace the Unitarian Universalist leftist religion that focuses on social justice.

And last but not least, the only person drawing a salary is Kettie Jean, who used to be an activist with #NODAPL (read: Soros and Steyer money) and was at one point an intern for Hillary at the Clinton Foundation.

Also, at the same time Jeffrey was involved with Edeyo and the school, Ghislaine Maxwell's neice was in Port-au-Prince doing experiments with phantom limb pain and amputations while she worked at the Clinton Global Initiative.

In conclusion (for now):

The Epsteins, Clintons, Maxwells, and other assorted baddies that we all love to hate have been experimenting with the people and youth of Haiti for a very long time.

This rabbit hole goes deeper, I'm just going to wrap it up here for the time being.

Even if you're not a Q-Anon person, (I don't put a ton of faith in it, but I find it interesting)... it is very interesting that some of the very first Q posts were all about Haiti and the horrible things taking place there.

Maybe there's something to it after all.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed!

Talk soon,

- L

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