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The Boomerang Effect of Cancel Culture

Over the last few weeks cancel culture has reared its ugly head, as it always does, and has claimed a few more victims.

Notably, Gina Carano who played Cara Dune on The Mandalorian on Disney+, was terminated for comparing the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust to being conservative in today's political landscape. Ironically, to prove her "wrong", she was fired.

This is not exactly uncommon for conservatives. We're used to it, honestly, and it seems as if there is no end in sight so long as big name conservatives continue clinging to platforms like YouTube and Twitter for dear life instead of embracing alternative tech platforms that embrace free speech. That's a conversation for a different day, however.

Today I want to discuss two leftists that have recently also found themselves cancelled. The irony being that these two women have been "champions" for leftist causes, preaching free speech and solidarity... but they also have some darker secrets that have been exposed.

The first is TikTok and Netflix darling Isabella Avila (username "OnlyJayus") who has been dropped by Netflix in the last week due to past direct messages resurfacing in which she called them a "faggot" and then she told them she hoped their parents got cancer, that she hoped everyone they loved would die, that President Trump would get shot, and then called the person a "n*gger loving asshole".

The worst part about it, is she claimed the screenshots were photoshopped until a video surfaced showing that the screenshots were both genuine and from her.

Phew. It's a lot to take in, but here is the screenshot in full:

The irony behind all of this being that OnlyJayus has built herself a platform out of canceling others, for pretending to be holier-than-thou, for embracing Black Lives Matter and LGBT rhetoric to make herself untouchable, and has done a really great job of it. Until now, of course.

Only a week prior to the direct messages resurfacing, Jayus was a champion of "kill all men" rhetoric, and was simultaneously going after an entire gender while hiding behind her own protected class (she is a lesbian) and saying that anyone that tried to disagree with her was a homophobe, a bigot, etc.

The insane thing about this is Jayus had over 10.4 million followers on TikTok before this all started. That's a lot of followers, obviously, and more than that a lot of them are Generation Z and Millenials. Very impressionable sets of people take in her content and fund her lifestyle, believing that she is not a bad person and that she is a champion for them... when in fact she herself was clearly at some point full of the same hatred and racism and bigotry that she claims conservatives and men are full of.

Jayus is not just making money from TikTok. She makes money with YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, endorsement deals, etc. On February 10, right before this controversy came to light, she got a branded deal with XP Sports, which is a "gamer supplement."

It is unclear whether that endorsement deal has been kept. I reached out to their press department and have not received a reply as of yet.

Isabella also had a deal with Netflix for a podcast called "Know It All" that began last year, but Netflix has cut ties with her since the controversy surfaced.

I find it hard to cheer for anyone being cancelled, but in this case I'll make an exception for someone who made a career of going after people for what she perceived as bigotry and misogyny. And thus, the canceler was cancelled. Let's hope it sticks.

The next person was also cancelled for being insane and going after people. This person is Dr. Amie "Wolf" Williamson, a professor at the University of British Columbia, who doxxed her own students and lied about being a Native American.

This explosive Twitter thread exposes her grift for what it is, and it's UGLY.

After being exposed as being a white woman and NOT indigenous as she previously claimed, Amie then sent the person that exposed her death threats.

All of this surfaced after Amie doxxed 12 of her students that filed a formal complaint with the university saying that she wasn't doing her job covering the intended course material.

According to accounts from students in her class:

  • She told a student of German heritage that she cannot talk to someone with German heritage because of their race

  • Dr. Wolf would state that anyone with "Conservative views" would fail her class and tell her students that not voting for the Green party constitutes supporting "colonialism"

  • She failed to teach her class any real content and instead spent entire lessons talking about her failed relationships with her previous partners

The irony of the doxxing being plentiful, including the fact that Amie is NOT indigenous, 11 of the 12 were women, and a portion of them were Asian-Canadian.

After the reports were filed, Amie Williamson was placed on administrative leave. After that, she decided to dox her students and posted their names on Twitter, where it began circulating among her other colleagues and the internet at large.

This is obviously insane behavior, and although it has not been confirmed by the University, a friend of Amie posted on Twitter several hours ago that she has been relieved of her position as a professor.

Again, I hate to revel in anyone's cancelling, but I don't really give a damn about either one of these two women or their careers made in calling white men the enemy for so long without repercussion.

It just goes to show you that whenever the left calls you something, there are a plethora of skeletons in their closet that are far worse than anything you could possibly imagine... and likely far worse than you have ever done or said yourself.

In this heated and polarized time, when words are violence and mere existence is considered supremacy, it's kind of satisfying to see that the leftists that are so willing to throw the first stones are finding out that those stones are in fact boomerangs.

And cancel culture, inevitably, comes for all. Including its champions.

I have two very big reports that I have been working on behind the scenes that will be published very soon. I cannot wait to show them to you. :)

If you would like to subscribe to my Subscribestar for $5 a month and keep me housed and fed while I attempt to slay dragons and take down the vile leftists that are coming for us all, you can do so here. Your support is needed, appreciated, and I am grateful beyond words for you all.



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