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Senator Ted Cruz Accuses Twitter CEO of Lying to Congress, Twitter Staff Doubles Down

Strap into your seat, folks (if for some reason 2020 doesn't have you strapped to a cot already, crying your eyes out, begging for an asteroid to hit every Democrat-controlled state capitol). Senator Ted Cruz, aka the Zodijack Killer, caught Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey making false statements to Congress. Twitter's response? To do damage control with another lie.

Ted Cruz quote tweeted a Trump campaign staffer's video of attempting to post the URL of a recent NYPost story to Twitter. Twitter would not let the tweet send because of their content filter. Ted's response? To accuse Jack Dorsey of lying under oath to Congress in today's earlier Big Tech hearing.

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Twitter Comms, a staff account, responded to Senator Cruz with an explanation: that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) links are handled differently than other links. They also linked to an article from The Verge on Google's AMP URLs, a Google service that is supposed to optimize web pages for mobile devices and has been experiencing recent bugs.


Okay, well they're just blocking modified web pages, right? There's nothing wrong with that. /s

Except, the link in the video isn't an AMP link being posted to Twitter. It's the direct URL to the story from the NYPost.

AMP links are generated by Google or other services, and they typically show up from the domain of the service provider. A Google AMP link will begin with "https://www.google.com." Here's an example of an AMP link to the Fox News exclusive Tony Bobulinski interview. Following this link will take you to a website that looks like Fox News with most of the media intact:


Now that you know what an AMP link looks like, this is a screenshot of the link in Marone's 7-second video.

That's not an AMP link, is it? That's a link that goes directly the NYPost's story on the Hunter Biden emails. No techie domain, no queries, just a path to a page on the NYPost website. Try it yourself: https://nypost.com/2020/10/15/emails-reveal-how-hunter-biden-tried-to-cash-in-big-with-chinese-firm/

Twitter is actively censoring the NYPost, America's oldest and fourth largest newspaper. Dorsey appears to have lied to a Senate committee under oath. Twitter came to Dorsey's aid and lied again to a Senator's accusation of lying under oath. Twitter no longer has plausible deniability about lying to their users. They think we are fools who can't see through their technobabble. They are wrong.

Stay tuned, because this story could get very spicy. It's up to the Senate to act and hopefully they act even more quickly than they did when they first called for this hearing last week. It's felt more like a month.

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P.S. No matter what happens, we need to stop giving Dorsey our attention and take away his ability to mine our data. The easiest way is to leave. That's why I wrote this review on three alternative platforms that are rising in popularity. Choose your favorite, and share your favorite with everyone so that people start using these platforms more.

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