A Real "Riot": A $70k Payday for Antifa Agitator and Videographer

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A significant update to the John Sullivan story broke last night via Kyle Becker. John Sullivan was paid a total of seventy thousand dollars from NBC and CNN for his footage at the Capitol that included the graphic HD footage of the shooting of Ashley Babbitt. This is the same John Sullivan who was arrested the Provo Utah protest that lead to the shooting of a truck driver. This is the same John Sullivan who was cheering on violence in the Capitol on January 6th and directly escalated the violence that immediately preceded the shooting of Ashley Babbitt.

Here is his sub-contract license for the footage sold to CNN for $35,000:

Here is a copy of the NBC deposit notification to John Sullivan for $35,000:

Remember, these were John's violent words in Utah:

According to John's own brother at a Proud Boys rally, the Provo Utah shooting was also at the BLM "protest" organized by John Sullivan:

Sullivan cheered on the violence at the Capitol on January 6th and was encouraging the arson of the Capitol of the United States. "We gotta... We gotta burn this. We gotta get this shit burn[t]."

He directly encouraged the officers to leave that fatal doorway in the Capitol and made veiled threats of mob violence directly to them before, to his ecstatic rapture, they sidled down the nearby staircase:

"We want you to go home... It's just they're gonna push their way up here... I don't wanna see you get hurt. We will make a path dead-ass... We will make a path, please. JUST LET US MAKE A PATH... GO GO LET'S GO. "

He cheers on the destruction until he sees a gun, Ashley screams toward the vandals and the gunman "NO! NO! NO! STOP!", and then Ashley Babbitt is shot:

There were several clips that John Sullivan edited out from his "full" video on Youtube. He uploaded the entire video, deleted the video, and then reuploaded it with more than two minutes missing. Fortunately, I downloaded the original before he deleted it.

He deleted a conversation with NPR subcontractor Jade Sacker:

He deleted the 29 seconds where he smashes a Capitol window:

He also deleted the celebration between him, Bugzie the Don, and Jade Sacker:

Here is the full history of John Sullivan's discord conversations that were available from January 4th to January 5th. Several traveled to DC:

One of Sullivan's discord members identified themselves as the "Soup for the Family TV" Antifa facebook page. A "soup drive" is Antifa slang for group direct action that is prepared for escalation into violent direct action. There was an October "Soup Drive" planned as a counter protest against a Denver Colorado patriot rally, the rally at which an Antifa agitator escalated conflict with navy veteran Lee Keltner that culminated in Keltner's execution by unlicensed "security guard" Matthew Dolloff:

Here was the video from "Soup for the Family TV" celebrating their "soup drive" style news coverage planned for January 6th at the Capitol:

Finally, here is the compilation that reveals John Sullivan's edits contrasted with the original footage. For those who read somewhere that the shooting did not happen, here is a compilation of five angles of the shooting. The thread on the comparisons of footage from Sullivan's edits compared with his original footage upload may be found here. There are many more twists and turns to the story of John Sullivan that are mapped in this thread of threads from @The_Justice7: meetings with Al Sharpton, boasts about infiltrating trump supporters, a how to "Black Bloc" infiltration video, and more.

Sullivan's riot in Provo ended in a truck driver being shot, Antifa's multiple provocations in Denver ended navy veteran Lee Keltner being executed, and Sullivan's direct escalation of violence at the fatal door of the Capitol ended in veteran Ashley Babbit being gunned down in the very building for which she gave 8 tours and 14 years to the Air Force to defend its airspace and nuclear security.

How many more will die to coddle the anarchy of Antifa?

"The execution of Vaillant allegedly provoked the young anarchist Emile Henry to detonate a bomb in the Cafe Terminus in the Gare Saint-Lazare, killing one person and wounding twenty. He chose this target after failing to get in to a theatre that was sold out, and after inspecting a restaurant with only a scattering of diners. The station cafe was full of commuting workers, a fact that did not disturb the workers’ advocate unduly. Henry was a cold-blooded killer whose avowed intent was to murder as many people as possible. At his trial he confessed to a murderous moralism with his infamous remark ‘there are no innocent bourgeois’: ‘I wanted to show the bourgeoisie that henceforth their pleasures would not be untouched, that their insolent triumphs would be disturbed, that their golden calf would rock violently on its pedestal until the final shock that would cast it down among filth and blood.’

That resentful desire to inflict chaos on ordinary people going about unremarkable lives would become a recurrent terrorist motive; what the victims of terrorists usually have in common is often overlooked. Henry warned the jury that ‘It [anarchism] is everywhere, which makes it impossible to contain. It will end by killing you.’ He was guillotined early on the morning of 21 May 1894. In retaliation for his refusal to grant Henry and Vaillant pardons, president Marie François Sadi Carnot was stabbed in the heart by an Italian anarchist Santo Jeronimo Caserio as he rode through Lyons in his carriage.

This was the first in a spate of assassinations of heads of state that made the years 1894-1901 more lethal for rulers than any other in modern history, forcing them to use bodyguards for the first time. Following the killing of Carnot, the prime minister of Spain was assassinated by Italian anarchists in 1897, in retaliation for confirming the death sentences passed on anarchists who had been rounded up and tortured after a bomb flew into a Corpus Christi procession in Barcelona. He was followed by Elizabeth empress of Austria, stabbed by an Italian anarchist drifter in 1898; king Umberto of Italy, shot dead in Monza by an Italian-American anarchist Gaetano Bresci in 1900; and president McKinley, assassinated in 1901. McKinley’s assassin was an Ohio farmboy turned factory worker called Leon Czolgosz, although he sometimes used the aliases John Doe and Fred Nobody. He was inspired by Emma Goldman’s passionate espousal of anarchism, although the direct inspiration to shoot McKinley at the Pan-American Expositon in Buffalo came from his reading of a newspaper report of Bresci’s shooting of king Umberto that July. Czolgosz approached McKinley outside the Temple of Music, where he shot him at close range; one bullet was deflected by the president’s breast bone, but the second went so deep into his abdomen that surgeons could not recover it. The president slowly bled to death. A search revealed that Czolgosz not only had a folded newspaper clipping in his pocket of Umberto’s murder, but that he had used the same .32-calibre Iver Johnson revolver as Bresci. Narrowly surviving the beating he received from McKinley’s security officers as they pummelled him to the floor, Czolgosz went to the electric chair after a trial that lasted eight-and-a-half hours from jury selection to verdict.""

From MICHAEL BURLEIGH, Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism, Chapter III "Black: Anarchists and Terrorism - The Black International"

"Now a man must be very blind nowadays not to see that there is a danger of a sort of amateur science or pseudo-science being made the excuse for every trick of tyranny and interference. Anybody who is not an anarchist agrees with having a policeman at the corner of the street; but the danger at present is that of finding the policeman half-way down the chimney or even under the bed. In other words, it is a danger of turning the policeman into a sort of benevolent burglar."

- G. K. Chesterton, "What I Saw in America", 1922

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