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#MaidenGate: I Wasn't Thinking Big Enough

Dear Readers,

Just a little over a day ago, my mom accidentally let me in on a little secret. A huge one. She had been receiving text messages for a state she used to live in asking if she was going to cast her ballot. She received her text on November 3rd. She mentioned it to me casually (on 11/9) like.. hey do you think this means anything?

I thought maybe, and I looked into the group Supermajority that sent her the text. It's a progressive women's group co-founded by Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter. My mom is a registered Republican in her new state, but in her old state (Michigan) she didn't have to declare a party. I'm not sure they even ask.

Anyways, out of curiosity, I looked up her name. I tried a few variations as she had a name change within the 8 years she lived in Michigan and lived at two different addresses. Lo and behold, at one zip code, under her old name, she was:

  1. Still registered.

  2. Had requested a ballot.

  3. Had submitted a ballot.

Funny, she hasn't lived in Michigan for over six years now and voted in her new state and also doesn't go by that name anymore.

The likelihood of someone having her same names (VERY UNIQUE), zip code, birth month, and birth year, are... very low to say the least.

So I posted my findings on Twitter. As of yesterday, I had nearly 120k followers on Twitter.

That is, until I exposed #MaidenGate and Jack and the Twitter Gestapo shut my account down.

But what's done is done, and there's no going back.

I've been working with stopthesteal and a few other people on my findings and they have independently verified women that have also had their votes stolen.

But here's the kicker, I wasn't thinking big enough.

I wasn't thinking big enough at all.

This isn't just name changes.

This isn't just state changes.

This isn't just women.

This is anyone who has ever lived in multiple places and registered different times to vote.

This is anyone who has registered in ONE place ever, but had a name change.







Transgendered (we've found at least one).

What I need you to do is check your registration and ballot status in whatever states you might have lived in under whatever names you might have gone by.

Even check aliases on your credit report that sound like you but are a little off. My name is Lauren, but I have a "Laurie" that I have been trying to get removed for nearly a year, from when I lived in Georgia. As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to check and see if there was a ballot cast under that name.

If you do find something, please get in touch with me at maidengate@protonmail.com.

You can check your registration and ballot status by following the links provided on my website. No ads, no bullshit, just the info. Find it here:


Let's keep this fight going.

It's not just the dead whose votes they're stealing.

It's the living.

It's your name they're voting with.

Check it out.

Stop the steal.


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