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Introducing J

L invited me to write for her website after several months of back and forths on and off Twitter. I'm very happy to be here now.

J can be short for Journalist, Joker, or Joaquin, or simply a complement to the letter L. I chose Joker because of the Clown World meme and the coincidence with the release of Joker (2019) and current events. You can choose what it means.

L and I actually started our Twitter accounts at roughly the same time, in March 2020, after the pandemic hit. I was tired of the news publishing these biased reports about COVID-19 with no scientific basis but happily fear-mongering for ratings. They caused the toilet paper and soap shortages by putting out nonsense. My family fell for it, too. Then the stay-at-home orders started, and masks were mandated nationwide. That's when I realized how bad things really are.

I have been following skeptical YouTubers for a few years. The earliest I can remember is in college in 2015 watching Sargon of Akkad and Armoured Skeptic talk about various topics spanning religion, science, and philosophy. But one that particularly worried me was the rising lack of skepticism in university regarding social justice issues. My college friends, many of whom followed me to university from high school, gobbled up the “equity” over “equality” narrative. I remember the arguments I used to have with them, and eventually it fell to them citing their social studies professor or their textbook. I was not a reputable source to them, but the classes they paid $2,000+ dollars a term for were. It was my responsibility to assemble reputable sources to argue that their authoritative sources were wrong. Sound familiar?

Instead, I went along with them because I couldn’t handle being called a sexist and a racist. Ostracization from the in-group of academics and researchers was a career death sentence. They bullied me into pretending to believe their nonsense.

Universities have managed to indoctrinate an entire generation of the most qualified young adults into believing that authoritative sources are the only sources that are correct. They never explained that those authoritative sources are still based on the synthesis of observable information, and that sometimes observations can change. These university students started publishing papers that synthesized information from those authoritative sources to create new authoritative sources that the next year of students cited in their papers. This was just one big game of telephone, perpetuating for years.

New, young university students lacking critical thinking skills are fed information diets of circular sources on issues of equity. They are punished with bad grades for going against the grain. Their math courses require them to use specific language when presenting numbers. Their computer science courses don’t allow them to create certain names for variables if those variables are used in certain ways. Their English courses give them assignments on obscure authors with post-modern rhetoric on race and sex.

After a couple of decades, these ideas have finally trickled up to the business world. Our corporate overlords don’t care about the truth, they just care about money. Fortunately, we live in a capitalist society where greed is predictable. Unfortunately, that greed has been mated with the “equity” narrative through the aforementioned circular research. Focus groups on social studies students, led by social studies students, are used to determine marketing goals for the largest companies in the world. These studies lead to policy on data mining, which generates new research, which is used to ask new questions, which are used to make new studies. But these companies’ confidence in their data mining capabilities is clearly overblown, as we can see on places like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook: those that break the censorship rules find ways around it. These companies do everything in their power to fight it, but the critical thinker always manages to get under their skin again.

Now, it’s worse than it’s ever been.

The company overlords have decided their investment into this research is more important than freedom of expression. Their authoritative sources play to the cognitive bias of their users. Those on the left who complain about alternative sources are the squeaky wheels that get the grease. Those on the right who complain about the authoritative sources are condemned and told to do a web search, or are fact-checked, or outright censored entirely. They have taken control of some of our most influential institutions: newspapers, news channels, movie producers, government investigators, legislators, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and even clothing manufacturers bow to the will of a small minority.

But now the authoritative sources are crumbling. And the alternative sources are becoming mainstream. That’s what L is building here: an alternative source for information that the authoritative sources refuse to publish because it would alienate their acolytes; people that want their stories pipelined to them via a feeding tube of fake “trends” so they can fawn over celebrities. We’re going to BTFO the billion-dollar algorithms they used to socially engineer this feeding tube.

I aim to be a reputable alternative source. I will present information and cite it. I will not be free of my own bias because I am not a neutral observer, and I hold passionate views. But I will not waver my values for the sake of some company’s bottom line like so many of these pundits have done for the past decade. It’s time for a grassroots information movement.

It's time to tell the Media Industrial Complex to CYSOGTFO.

- J

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