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Hillary Clinton: Radical Leftist?

When you think Hillary Clinton, what's the first thing that springs to mind?

For me, it's pantsuits. No kidding. Pantsuits, followed by thoughts of her deceptive behavior with respect to Benghazi, her terrible accent when she proclaimed, "I don't feel no ways tired," in a speech in Selma, Alabama, and her many ties with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Seriously what the hell is this?

A new discovery I made about her past in the wee hours of this morning have fleshed out a new side of Hillary I'd not noticed before. That discovery being her tie to Robert Treuhaft.

Who is Robert Treuhaft?

Robert Treuhaft was an American lawyer and former member of Communist Party USA who worked for labor unions and radical left causes for the majority of his life.

Well who should so happen to intern for Treuhaft after college but one Hillary Rodham Clinton. Check out this excerpt from A Woman in Charge: "The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton" by Carl Bernstein.

Hillary told [Bill Clinton] that she planned to spend the summer in Oakland, California, as an intern at the law firm of Treuhaft, Walker, and Burnstein.

Then, earlier in the book:

In Oakland, she would be working for the most important radical law practice on the West Coast, celebrated for its defense of constitutional rights, civil liberties, and leftist causes. "The reason she came to us," said Robert Treuhaft, the firm's senior principal, "the only reason I could think of because none of us knew her, was because we were a so-called Movement law firm at the time."
In all probability, Hillary found her way to the firm through her professor, Tom Emerson, an old friend of Treuhaft and some of his partners. "There was no reason except politics for a girl from Yale" to intern at the firm, said Treuhaft. "She certainly was...in sympathy with all the left causes, and there was a sharp dividing line at the time."
Treuhaft et al. had represented leaders of the labor movement on the West Coast who had been prosecuted for allegedly being members of the Communist Party. It had also represented some of the Black Panther leadership. Of the firm's four partners, "two were communists, and others tolerated communists," Treuhaft said, but none acknowledged membership in the party until many years later.


Her radical leftist roots have been out in the open for a long time now, but I've never seen so much as a single reference to this important factor of her political origins in all the time I've spent doing research. I certainly find it interesting that she sought out an internship in Oakland, California, with a member of the Communist Party. A lawyer who represented the Black Panthers, no less.

So, when I think Hillary Clinton, I feel I will now immediately think "pantsuits & Communism" from now on. A deadly combo indeed.

Talk soon,


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