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Global Check-Up

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Yesterday on Twitter I asked this question:

To my non-American followers, what's going on in your country that we don't know about?

Here are the answers:


Our country is trying to open back up after COVID, but the state of Victoria is an out of control train wreck, and Victorians keep trying to sneak out of the stats, and are creating new hotspots up and down the eastern seaboard.

My friend in Victoria says they are mandated to wear masks in their homes and in cars now and will be fined if caught without one.

The Australian State of Victoria is rumoured to be going in to Stage 4 lockdown as early as Monday. Our Premier is as inept as Mayor Di Blasio and Governor Cuomo combined.

In Australia...one of Rupert Murdochs (media mogul) sons has left his dads company because he doesn't agree with the fake news narrative .


Hi. I'm from Belarus. Our president drop off every candidat from opposition in coming elections. Exept the most weak one. While Russia want to form a union with us. And they willing to force us if we disagree.


In Brazil the Supreme court is chasing Bolsonaro's supporters, accusing them of Fake News. The workers party elected 7 of 11 of the members of supreme court. It's a shame.

In Brazil is similar to US: a conservative president was elected after 30 year of socialists leaving the country with huge state, biggest corruptions scandals ever, high crime rates, poor education etc. We are in his 2nd year, the country was growing fast, crimes going down, .... zero corruption, people’s approval, many good things and ALL the media, deep state, politicians against any trying to sabotage the government. Now, in a desperate act from opposition, the Supreme Court is conducting illegal witch hunt against conservatives that supports the..


Fuck Face Trudeau gave $1billion taxpayer dollars to WE Charity which in turn paid his mother, brother and wife. Goes much deeper than this.

Of course only a slap in his dainty wrist.

I will add as well that this We charity & their brothers (who are the founders of it) have close ties to the Clintons and Haiti... hmmm Face with monocle

Bah! Who am i kidding, probably nothing & just a big ole coinki-dink! silly me!

#TrudeauResignNOW #TrudeauCrimeMinister #TrudeauCorruption

Canada has it's most current* ethics scandal going on with @JustinTrudeau.

*hard to keep track how many at this point.

Toronto here. There was a 2 week encampment outside our city hall with "Abolish The Police" chalked on the ground. I went by and it was a group of 30 people - teenagers and hobos. They were forced to pack up and leave.

Our Gov has hijacked the country

Received this text from the Canadian government yesterday.

The government is outlawing certain guns because some lunatic smuggled already illegal guns from America and killed people. "Some dude did illegal stuff so now everyone who follows the rules needs to get rid of arbitrarily selected guns" -Canada


France : Macron told us it's obliged to wear a mask or 125€ fine it's obliged to enter somewhere (shopping, trains, subway etc) Schools will open on Sept, pupils will wear masks, all businesses are open. Flights still down Anti-mask demonstration here and in Berlin too


In Germany we have to wear masks in shops public buildings and public transport, a “Covid denier” protest was shut down because they didn’t wear masks. The government still wants more migrants, so yeah everything is still fucked and still going down.


Well, our government just stole 4109 million dollars out of the emergency budget for covid-19


India-Border tensions with China, 4 months of lockdown, Shambolic handling of Covid, New Educational Policy proposed (national education system reformed after 34 years), Nepotism in Bollywood following the suicide of an actor to add to the usual religious and communal tensions.


I'm an American. The country I grew up in however, is Iran! In 1978 every US Dollar got you 7 Persian Tomans. Now every $ gets you 25,000 Tomans. Economy sucks & if u protest, u get arrested, judged by 1 guy & most likely killed. Then your family would be charged the $ bullet!


Irish former prime minister who is the vice prime minister and who will be prime minister again in 2 years, who is an openly gay son of Indian immigrants stood up in our version of parliament and called out our many far left parties as enemies of the government.

Our government are giving us all anal, DRY!!! VOTED For change and to make sure change didn't happen the 2 we wanted out who have changed power for the last 100 years, to make sure it didn't happen and those we wanted for change, they actually teamed up to make sure the can rob us!

In Northern Ireland our government was shut down for 3 years and abortion past without objections even thou the 2 main party's are pro life. one week after it past the government assembled again.

Hardly anyone in northern Ireland is wearing a mask. While it's compulsory on public transport it's not being enforced and many people don't bother. It's not compulsory anywhere else.


In the country I live, Luxembourg, they’ve blocked the use of hydroxychloroquine too. That pisses me off big time. BIG TIME. Maskes are of course obligatory.


In COVID related news, Mexico is very weird, my bet is they want to achieve herd immunity before September. They don’t want to test a lot of people.


NL: soft lockdown, schools opening normally end of August. People pretending to do social distancing but when the weather is nice the caffe terraces are full.

New Zealand

People keep coming into New Zealand and intentionally breaking quarantine - some have Covid and then head to large crowds. It’s annoying as hell considering we locked down hard to get rid of it. I have lost faith in humanity. Idiocracy was such a prophetic movie.


In Peru our president locked us up by military force only one person in the household was allowed to go out each day between the hours of 10:00 am to 5:00pm extremely dictatorial behavior from the government.

In Perú people are blaming the president for the high mortality rates in our country, because of Covid-19, as if he's responsible for all the people who don't give a f and don't take care -of themselves- properly. People in the street don't respect the social distance!


Poland is still in masks. More Pandemic rules are coming becouse of rising amount of daily infections. Beside that, as always goverment lefists and dominant right-wing party are fighting each other. Classico


Portugal. Honestly, not that much. The COVID deaths have been pretty low despite being next to Spain. The economy is in bad shape and about to get a lot worse because of lack of tourism and lack of demand.

South Africa

The last 3 months have been horrible for White farmers murdered in South Africa.

The President is mum( Soros puppet). Very disappointing Lana Marks, US Ambassador is cow tailing this corrupt government. Huge mistake to appoint her. She succeeded Gaspard (now Open Society President).

I'm from South Africa. On stage 3 of the lockdown. Have to wear masks when getting into shops. The ruling party is looting covid relief money in the most savage & vicious way possible. They literally stole food that was meant for the poor. They're our version of Dems.

Not only are SA government officials self-enriching with covid funds, they are cooking statistics to drive in fear and panick and to apply for more loans.

South Korea

I have family in South Korea. The news there is the dog meat debate is rearing it’s head and it’s raining a lot.

United Kingdom

BLM starting to show their true agenda, media turn the other way Trump wears wrong deodorant- world ends Trying to push Russian interference in brexit No one gives a fuck anout Covid rules And I’ve just had a great poo

uk has no freedom of speech

& a goverment full of cowards

Brixton, London this weekend.

Quoted Tweet: @ForeverFamilyUK at #AfrikanEmancipation Rebellion 1st mosiah 2020

#Brixton #ForeverFamilyUk

London UK yesterday. Overall peaceful but fairly intimidating! North of England close to another lockdown no visiting people not meeting other households generally etc

England here. We seem to be starting to wake up to BLM Marxist party but economic migration is out of control. The conservatives here got a landslide at the election but have not used it to great effect yet. The silent majority spoke.

In UK we have to wear a mask or any face covering such as a scarf or bandana in the stores/shops to protect us from this deadly virus. Yet we can go into a bar without. Boris has also stopped any beauty therapy above the neck to be practised. So I’m still unable to work.

In the uk people keep banging on about a second wave....we haven't finished the first one yet.....having just reopened restaurants cafes bars and gyms its looking by September they could all be shut again....oh and the uk economy is fucked.

Great discussion.

Check out the full thread if you are interested!

I'm going to start posting this every Saturday and putting together a collections of the responses every Sunday.

Talk Soon,

- L

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