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Gab is Down

Gab is down, and was hit hard by a group of disgusting hackers who are hell-bent on destroying that which they cannot control. I know Andrew Torba has been pretty transparent about the breach, but today the hackers posted from every account that I suppose had not changed their passwords or that don't use multi-factor authentication.

While this is disappointing, it is not unexpected, and those who seek to destroy you will aim for the people that shelter you. This is what's happening now. I'll try to reach out to Andrew or Fosco in the next few days for an interview to understand it better. But for now, just know that once Gab is back up, you need to change your password and use multi-factor authentication. I will make a video to show you how to do both, and how to best protect yourself.

Data breaches happen a lot, unfortunately. It doesn't make Gab a bad place to be, but it does make it necessary for us to be aware of what we are up against.



Anyhoo. Talk soon. Working on some other new things, as usual.



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