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From Wuhan, China Today

April 6 21: 06 from iPhone XR 

"Man-made Disaster" 

My father just a few days off life support, today unexpectedly scheduled to leave hospital. You read correctly he is "discharged!"

The reason is my father’s Nucleic acid test is negative.

New Crown cured must be discharged.

My poor dad, tracheotomy, lot of sputum.

Beijing harmony doctor said there must be an hour of inhalation, otherwise there's a risk of reinfection. 

His head & body still have all sorts of tubes, who is, unexpectedly releasing him?

Caidian epidemic prevention command called me in the morning, said "Your father is Nucleic acid negative, there are other complications we are arranging for him to go to the central hospital in Caidian, mother & child health care,"

I wonder, my father is still very serious, is the mother & child hospital capable? 

The hospital said "Rest assured, they can not treat us. We will report to the central hospital, the superior unit. They will treat him properly.

They promised me that my mother can accompany him, will arrange them a room. 

I feel stupid.

I believed them & when I took my mother to the Tsai Dian Women/Children's hospital, I found that it was basically a quarantine.


Where there was no medical equipment, the doctors could not treat them, and I couldn't help it. 

It was easy for them to figure out how to suck sputum.

Maybe they realized that my father really couldn't be cured.

My mother, my poor mother.

She thought seeing my father out of danger would help him improve his cerebral infarction by spending another 14 days in isolation & talking to him slowly. 

She knows he is so miserable, I carefully hid it a month, my father’s right hand necrosis thing, she also found.

Crying Yangchun, this is your piano hand!

My character would never let me sit idly by. 

From 2 to 9pm 

I called the district epidemic prevention command, city epidemic prevention HQ, mayor hotline, health committee, Tongji zhongfa hospital, all calls, every place is called!

Every response seems to make sense.

Mayor hotline: you don't worry, we are urgently handling this! 

City epidemic prevention headquarters: We are all regional management system, transfer hospital is right in Caidian district.

District epidemic prevention headquarters: New crown discharged patients, the city requires only a designated hospital isolation. 

This is the only hospital in our district. 

Tongji Zhongfa hospital: We just transfer patients now, the hospital will be clean.

My father, difficult days he has survived, medical workers run the most serious hospitals. 

Now, each hospital wants to empty today and unexpectedly no one can treat him and no hospital can accept him! 

You should feel sorry, Beijing harmony medical team.

You fought hard to keep my father from death, but now because of regional restrictions, forced clearance of hospitals, all departments push my father in the door of death, struggling on the line! 

Man-made disaster!

You are only sorry that the country has spent so much human, material and financial resources to help Wuhan!!!

Wuhan's Tiancheng's River Association and Jiangbei Hospital 

(Caidian District People's Hospital) 

Sick (heavy) Notice 

Name of national civil servant: 

Infection Section: 

Bed number: 

Sex: male 

Age: 69 years as of hospitalization; 559,010 days


1. New Coronavirus Pulmonary Recovery Period 

2. Respiratory Failure Field 

3. Secondary Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome 

4. Right Hand Venous Thrombosis 

5. Right Limb Ischemic Necrosis 

6. Critical Condition. Bilateral Parietal Infarction

7. Acute Renal Injury, Acute Renal Infection 

Explain the condition to the patient's family member, inform the serious condition, the family member expresses understanding. 

Doctor's signature:                      

Notification Date: 2020-04 - 06 17:05

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