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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I realize this probably applies to just a few of you, and a lot of new members might not have even realized it, but when I redid the header for the site, I forgot to include an icon for the forum, which is something that all site members have access to. It's not much, but it's a place where free speech (legal free speech, but you know what I mean) will always reign and you can talk about whatever is going on without fear of recourse. You can also IM directly between members. :)

If you start getting notifications for the forum, just click the members button or click the dropdown menu for your login and go to your member page and adjust the settings for notifications to your liking. I turned off email notifications for the forum unless they're my own posts or when I am tagged. You also have your own profile where you can write things that you're thinking about.

It's not much, again, and it has a long way to go, but the idea is to at least provide a place where you can come and speak your mind and never worry about being banned.

I mean. Keep it legal, but you know what I mean.

Forum button is now in the header. :)



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