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How well do Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates know each other?



December 19/20 of last year, Fauci was at a retreat for two days at the Gates foundation campus, rubbing elbows with Mark Suzman (CEO), Bill/Melinda of course, and a few other higher ups at the gates foundation. Francis Collins, the head of the NIH was there as well.

Did you know the drug company Moderna that had their first vaccine go to human trial on February 24, is being co-funded by the BMGF and the NIAID?

"I don't think proving this in an animal model is on the critical path to getting this to a clinical trial."
– Tal Zaks, Moderna's chief medical advisor

Um. Cause for concern. And heres what a BMGF rep had to say.....

"Moderna Therapeutics’ research has considerable potential for the development of an effective prevention intervention for HIV, and potentially other infectious diseases that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest people.”
– Trevor Mundel, president of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

I bet it has Trevor. See, Bill Gates controls every aspect of this. I call it the “Bill Gates Circle of Shit".

So Bill Gates funds Moderna, and he also funds a significant amount of research by the NIH and the NIAID in particular. In the last couple of years, $34,392,969 to the NIH and $14,311,915 to the NIAID.

And this isn’t the first time Fauci has spent a lot of time with Gates, he sits on the board of advisors of his Global Action Vaccine Plan. Along with Margaret Chan (former DG of WHO), Anthony Lake of UNICEF (you’ll hear more about him again), Joy Pumapai, and Tachi Yamada.

The NIH and CEPI are funding the testing at the Kaiser Permanente Research Institute, a place that has been outfitted by Microsoft, well before Gates stepped down.

The testing will take place at Washington University, which as you’ll recall from before is also funded by Gates, and is in the NIH’s testing network, which means they have received plenty of funding from them through the years.

They are also the ones in charge of the data model that Birx and Fauci have been basing all their decisions on.

The first trial is underway, the second due soon, and eventually it will need approval from the FDA. Which Gates funds too.

Also, just for fun... Moderna’s website has the legal disclaimer, “Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: …These risks, uncertainties, and other factors include, among others: … the fact that there has never been a commercial product utilizing mRNA technology approved for use.”

In other words, completely unproven for human health and safety. And the ones that are testing it are funded from the top-down by Bill Gates.

There is so much more to go over, but I’m going to leave this one here for now.

For future posts: Why does Dr. Birx call Dr. Fauci Tony?

I’ve read a lot of her statements she’s given to congress, and wow there's a lot to talk about...

Tony and Gates and Birx had a lot of fun during those PEPFAR days.

Also, what kind of scam is the UN trying to run?

I’ve got plenty on that too.

And why was China releasing videos about Bat SARS in early December?

I’m almost positive you haven’t seen this.

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And I’m just getting started. It’s on.

See you soon.

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