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Bonnie and Clyde

Updated: Sep 3

On August 23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, man named Jacob Blake was shot seven times by police after wrestling in the yard with them while holding a knife. He broke free of the officers and moved around the vehicle and reached in when officers opened fire.

Despite there being another vantage of the video available, the establishment media took the version that was most harrowing and plastered it everywhere. Despite it offering significantly less context. Have a look yourself:

This is the version news outlets plastered everywhere:

And here's the version that didn't appear until a couple of days later. The version that provided a lot more context and completely bolsters the claim made by officers that they tried to use non-lethal force first (taser/wrestling) to no avail.

They would have also have been able to hear calls at 0:02 for Blake to "give me my son," at 0:15 for Blake to drop the knife he is holding, and for the kids watching yelling for their mom to "move back" at 0:19 well before Jacob moved toward the other side of the car.

They were likely yelling for her to get away from him because they are aware of his history. Despite being lionized by the liberal media, Blake was interacting with police officers that day due to a warrant issued for his arrest. Of all the charges, the most serious was a Class G Felony charge for both 3rd Degree Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse.

Wisconsin law defines this infraction as “sexual intercourse with a person without the consent of that person." It includes “Intentional penile ejaculation of ejaculate or intentional emission of urine or feces by the defendant or, upon the defendant's instruction, by another person upon any part of the body clothed or unclothed of the complainant if that ejaculation or emission is either for the purpose of sexually degrading or sexually humiliating the complainant or for the purpose of sexually arousing or gratifying the defendant.”

A Class G felony is punishable with a $25,000 fine or 10 years in prison or both.

But I digress. The moment he was shot all his previous transgressions melted away as the media descended on the city with a population of just a little over 100,000 and thrust it under its magnifying glass. Was there systemic racism? Statues to tear down? You never know until you get there, do you?

The destruction that followed was unlike any that we'd seen this far. Nothing was sacred: museums, churches, small businesses... didn't matter. Kenosha went after it with a vengeance.

On the first night:

Fun Fact: The Unitarian Universalists were involved with Epstein

and the Edeyo foundation in 2012 when they built a school in

Haiti. I wrote about it here.

The next morning, they showed zero remorse.

The evening wasn't any better.

You can never be woke enough.

They were quite upset at homeowners defending their property when the mob showed up in the middle of the night in front of his home.

And in an oddly prophetic preview, a rioter is injured when a street light that was being taken down feel on him. You can see the medics with the blinky helmets pressing cloth into his head wound... just like you're absolutely not supposed to do.

They burned down a local furniture store.

They smashed cars.

Elijah Schaffer had a pistol pulled on him.

I had a moment of clarity where I realized I might be a fascist now.

The next day when reporting on the riots, CNN removed the word "violent" from the scrolling bar in between transitions.

Later that night, people were harassed at dinner.

They copied Portland and declared war on a chain link fence.

It was a "dull night" according to a lot of the people that compile threads or were there recording in person. Then it wasn't.

Taking a break here to get all my notes together for what happens immediately before and after with the main characters highlighted. Will post soon!

The Incident

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