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Blood Money

This is a story that I’ve tried (and failed) to convey several times, and the culmination of a significant amount of research. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it brings to light some information and connections in one of the darkest periods of American history.

Initially this was supposed to be a video that I released earlier in the week. At the end of it, I decided I hated it, and it didn't convey the research in the way that I'd hope it might.

So instead, I went AWOL for three days (sorry), sat down, and wrote a short book (it's only 86 pages). I needed to get it all out, in order, and make sense of it in a complete way. For me, and for you.

The video is still going to be released. It wasn't what it should have been, and I need to fix it. It turns out every time I finish a big project, I have a moment of clarity where I realize how I should have approached it from the beginning, so I redo it. I'm working on it, sorry for the disruption in my usually scheduled posting when this happens. I love connecting and talking with you guys, but sometimes I just need to shut up and focus so I get it right.

With information this heavy, it's difficult to not want to try to do it as much justice as I can, and the original production was a dramatic video that ultimately did not make as much sense as it needed to, and did not give justice to the topic it covered.

I want to win the information war, not just fight in it.

That being said, please enjoy my first short book detailing the many levels of Andrew Cuomo's corruption.

Click the three bars on the top left side to show or hide the menu (for an overview of the book, adjust the zoom, fit the book to your screen, or download it with the arrow and keep it for yourself!

If you'd like to see the book not embedded, you can find it here.

I present to you: Blood Money

- L

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