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Bill Gates

Did you know? The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation are the 2nd highest donors to both the W.H.O. and the U.N. Coming in second only to the United States? Did you know they've contributed $2.5B at least to the world bank? What kind of influence will that money buy? I'll tell you.

What is the 2030 Agenda? What is id2020? What is WorldPop? How many _____2020 initiatives are there? I found all of it.

What did Bill Gates do with the China National Biotech Group? Why did they delete their 12 Gates Foundation Principles? Why did they delete their Vaccine Strategy? I found those too. Wait until you see the microtransaction and microloan scams they've put in place in Africa. Or when you find out what they did with 180,000,000 H1N1 vaccines when the pandemic was done. Or the cashless society initiatives that are in place.

China National Biotech Group This site has been removed from the internet, but I found it. After that, the paper trail wasn't too hard to find.

So what the hell is id2020?

I've found some fun things for you to see. "Identity data is outside of individual control." Sounds like a threat to me. "Will it become a global mandate?" Lol, Microsoft and GAVI are both Gates companies.. and the Rockefellers are old chums.

I found some slideshow images carelessly left lying around.... Bank info, tax info, health info, work info, travel info.... Sounds like a global tracking device to me.

A nice lovely database of all your info, fingerprints, etc.

Then I found this super cool website about a program called BigID.. and wouldn't you know it, down in the lower corner of partners, there's good ol' Microsoft. Caught ya, Bill.

I've got another video coming about Fauci/Birx.

And then I've also found a guy named Jeffrey Koch that is behind everything. I wrote all this out before I figured it out, but I've got a lotttt coming on him too.

Talk soon,


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