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CA Handgun Decertification List

It appears the California Attorney General has released a new cumulative list of one thousand four hundred eighty two handguns that can no longer be bought or sold in California. From a brief perusal of second amendment blogs, this appears to be a practice when manufacturers no longer certify their firearms or when the state removes them from their roster of allowed handgun sales. This cumulative list of one thousand four hundred eighty-two handguns de-certified for manufacture and purchase in California appears to contribute to the ever-shrinking legal supply of handguns at a time when firearm purchase records are being shattered across the country.

Full List Here

I created a few quick PivotCharts on Excel to show the extent of this list categorized by manufacturer, caliber, and type. You can find them on that golden land Gab and the barren wasteland Twitter.

Forty-two derringers, three hundred forty-seven revolvers, and one thousand ninety-three pistols make the list. One thousand four hundred eighty-two total handguns are now de-certified by State of California and can no longer be bought or sold.

Moscow, Idaho Apologizes

I first heard about California's de-certification list from, a new aggregation site for current events from the CrossPolitic Show hosts Chocolate Knox, Toby Sumpter., and Gabe Rench.

You might recognize Gabe from his arrest footage that played on Tucker Carlson last summer. He and two other church members were arrested for the high crime and misdemeanor of not following the mask and social distance orders during a psalm sing protests against the illegality of those very orders. From my research at the time, this was an arrest which was unlawful according to pre-existing city ordinance. Although Twitter's unexpected ban for a different election day anecdote from my grandmother removed my access to my thread documenting the arrest footage and the screenshots of the city code from earlier in September 2020, I can happily relay to you that the city of Moscow finally admitted their mistake in January 2021 and are dropping the misdemeanor charges.

The City of Moscow conveniently explain in their apology that the mistaken citations and arrests were founded on an omission in the code. The City Supervisor Gary Riedner said in a press release on January 8th regarding the dismissal of citations:

"Navigating unprecedented circumstances has been the hallmark of 2020 and continues into 2021. The omission by City staff to include the specific language to include the expressive and associative activities is unfortunate and has resulted in confusion. The Mayor and City Council intended that Amended Public Health Emergency Order 20-03 apply to all persons in the City, regardless of the nature of activities. I apologize for the staff's role in that confusion; however, I am proud of the City Attorney's office for discovering the omission, and dismissal of the citations is the right thing to do."

This "apology" references Section1-11-07 ("Exclusions") of the text of Ordinance 20-03 that Douglas Wilson pointed out the day after the arrest at a Townhall event at New Saint Andrew's College in Moscow Idaho.

Even Moscow, Idaho's "amended" Public health order 20-03 in Resolution 2020-27 here does not specifically prohibit first amendment activity of the United States and Idaho Constitution (as Ordinance 20-03 requires specific prohibitions of those activities to be listed or they are exempt according to the ordinance). Unless my reading comprehension skills or entirely nonexistent legal qualifications have failed me completely, my conclusion is that neither the city of Moscow or the mainstream news media understand the constitutional limitations of their own ordinances or orders.

Here is the coverage from the Moscow Report of Daniel Foucachon which presents the objective facts of the Moscow "apology" in contrast with the haughty condescension from local letter news.

Here is the footage from Daniel Foucachon of the arrests at the psalm sing protest:

Additional footage was revealed on the emergency episode of Crosspolitic the evening of the arrests on September 23, 2020 and reviewed by the arrestee himself, Gabe Rench. alongside other members of the protest, Chocolate Knox, Pastor Toby Sumpter., and filmmaker Darren Doane:

The moral of the Moscow story? Never illegally arrest a founder of an independent media outlet.

He will get an interview on Laura Ingraham, get a Glenn Beck rant, and Tucker Carlson will play the arrest footage before the end of the week. As for you, not only will you botch your own city orders and enforcement but you will probably also botch the apology.

These two very different stories, the decertification of arms in California and the unlawful handcuffing of Gabe Rench's arms in Idaho, both paint a concerning picture of the state of the fundamental liberties allegedly uninfringeable in our state and federal Constitutions. The Constitution remains as the highest human law of our country. Defend it. And, when the time comes again for the arrest of our pastors and leaders who refuse to compromise their conscience and fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, and peaceable assembly, I invite you to sing the 10th century B. C. battle psalms that were sung in 1582 in Edinburgh in defiance of the tyrants of the day that imprisoned Minister John Durie. Tyrants may yet be alarmed again as they were once alarmed in 1582. They were alarmed once again in the 18th century when six hundred thousand hot-headed Scotsmen (having recently fled their once-free Scotland) decided that the liberty of self-government was not a legally or morally acceptable exchange for peace under those tyrants, but that is a story for a different article.

To quote Samuel Rutherford's work that greatly influenced the authors of our Declaration of Independence, Lex rex. The Law is king. Your "kings" are not law. To quote the motto submitted by Jefferson and Franklin as our first national seal and quoted on December 28th, 2020 by President Donald J. Trump in his "Proclamation on the 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket,"

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."

The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God's paradise given on earth, is to fight a losing battle--and not to lose it.

- G. K. Chesterton, Time's Abstract and Brief Chronicle, 1905.

The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists.

- G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State, 1922

The thing that really is trying to tyrannize through government is Science. The thing that really does use the secular arm is Science. And the creed that really is levying tithes and capturing schools, the creed that really is enforced by fine and imprisonment, the creed that really is proclaimed not in sermons but in statutes, and spread not by pilgrims but by policemen — that creed is the great but disputed system of thought which began with Evolution and has ended in Eugenics. Materialism is really our established Church; for the Government will really help it to persecute its heretics. Vaccination, in its hundred

years of experiment, has been disputed almost as much as baptism in its approximate two thousand. But it seems quite natural to our politicians to enforce vaccination; and it would seem to them madness to enforce baptism.

- G. K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State, 1922

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