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Antonio Mugica, the Pacific Council, & the Great Reset

On October 11, 2019, the CEO of SmartMatic, Antonio Mugica, gave a speech at PolicyWest 2019 - an event put on by the Pacific Council, which is full of powerful Democrats & RINOs.

In his speech, he details how easy it is to get away with voter fraud.

Though the Pacific Council claims to be non-partisan, just looking at their YouTube channel alone tells you all you need to know.

Robert Lovelace, a board member of the Pacific Council, says the Pacific Council was formed in the rise of the "Pacific Rim consciousness."

Members of the Pacific Council include:

Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, John Brennan, Condoleezza Rice, Kamala Harris, John McCain, Stephen Hadley, John Kerry, Penny Pritzker, Jessica Yellin, Ted Lieu, Tony Blair, and many other powerful Democrats and RINOs.

The Pacific Council also promotes the Davos Agenda.

In his speech to the council in October of 2019, Mugica claims that paper ballots are incredibly vulnerable to fraud and are not a good standard for election security.

"Every case of voter fraud that has been documented has been linked to paper-based elections. From voting to counting to tallying, and everything in between, human error and tampering is extremely easy and very common."

He also says that SmartMatic has recorded 4.6 billion votes in five continents and "not one of those votes had ever been lost and not once have we had a security breach." This speech he gave in 2017 says otherwise.

The original speech that Antonio Mugica gave occurred on October 11, 2019.

A week later, on October 18, 2019, John's Hopkins hosted the ominous pandemic preparedness exercise Event 201.

Now I'm not one to get into conspiracy theories too much on here, although I do love them. I try to stick to what I can and can't prove, BUT you have to admit that it's odd that in late 2019 you had a meeting filled with powerful Democrats and RINOs in which they were told exactly how elections can be corrupted. Then you had a meeting in which a Coronavirus outbreak shut down the world. Then two months later (according to them) Covid-19 entered the world.

Then came the push for mail-in voting.

Your elected leaders have sold out to China.

They are orchestrating voter fraud via paper ballots and also presumably with tampered-with software a la Dominion.

They have meetings in which they tell us exactly what they're up to.

And yet, according to the media, this is all just a conspiracy.

Turn off your TV.

Arm yourself with information.

Fight back.

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