Welcome to L-Cast (the Podcast)!

Deep dives into things while sharing my desktop screen with you and talking over it. Please pardon the audio levels in the first couple of episodes. I have learned a lot since then and will be much more even from now on. Thanks for understanding! :)

Episode One:

What is Antifa.com?

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Click the Antifa girl to read the full article I wrote about it with all the site links!

For a while, if you typed Antifa.com into a web browser, it would pull up Joe Biden's campaign website. This is a look into the history of that site and who it belongs to. Some very interesting connections there.

Episode Two:

Antifa.com + Occupy Wall Street + Sunrise Movement

This is a second look into the Antifa.com website nonsense going on after I noticed a connection between some verbiage on another site and a Sunrise Movement video. They are quoting Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator," which is a video that was linked from the archived version of the Antifa.com website.

I then link that in with Occupy Wall Street and the rest of the unsavory lot that are constantly trying to upend the United States, because of, like, oppression man.

Episode Three:

WTF is Happening With the Milwaukee PD?

In mid September 2020, a man was arrested from his own home for "brandishing" a weapon after being threatened by Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists. I was upset with the actions of the police department, so I decided to look into what's been going on in Milwaukee lately.

It turns out, they've recently fired their former police chief for a ridiculous reason and have moved towards "community-based" policing. It isn't going well. At all.


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