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Welcome to my website.

So all of this got started sometime in early March during the first few weeks of the Coronavirus lockdowns. At the time, I was working as a financial data analyst and lived a very humdrum life. I paid attention to the news, but not super closely. I supported Donald Trump, but I wasn't super sold on him. Overall, I was a very average person doing very average things. And I was okay with it.

But then I got upset that there wasn't any information available about Covid-19. And then I kept digging, and digging, and digging.... And here we are. They created a monster out of me. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thanks for being here.



The spot where I share most of the information I come across, tell people to cite their sources or GTFO, post memes, & own the libs. Best place to talk to me is often there. Just tag me in a post, and I'll see it. I make a big effort to reply to everyone when I can. Come say hey. :)

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I make videos from time to time. Some are funny, some are more informative, some are podcast format... it's honestly a little bit of everything. I keep making more as I keep improving at editing. Check it out!

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Mostly used as a backup in case I get the boot off of Twitter. (Which I expect will happen at some point.) I post my main threads there and videos for now. Good spot to keep in mind as a backup.


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